Brandon did it!  He graduated this past spring and secured great career opportunity but it didn’t come with compelling starting comp.  How will he survive living in the city while beginning to build his resume?  DIVVY, that’s how.   

Sure, Brandon could resort to commuting from his parent’s suburban home but who wants that?  Not his parents, and certainly not Brandon.  So, what can he do?  Introduce his parents to DIVVY the social saving app that enables sponsorship of GOALS aligned with your partner’s values.  Brandon’s parents would have no interest in sponsoring his upcoming spring break adventure, but rather than having him move back in, they are fully supportive in helping Brandon get on his feet with his new apartment.  How?  By sponsoring him through DIVVY.

Think pseudo-401(k) for the family.  DIVVY enables a family member to contribute to a user’s goal.  In this case, Brandon has an apartment that he needs to save $2,000 per month for, his parents agree to match dollar for dollar with Brandon.  If he saves $1,000, his parents will contribute the other half.  Nice!

This allows Brandon his freedom and shows his parents that he is being responsible even if he can’t quite do it on his own, it gets him over the hump initially.  Now his parent’s money is going to something they value and not just disappearing into the abyss.  DIVVY solving the parenting ATM dilemma.