Patrick knows what’s right.  He knows that he needs to think about retirement.  But man, he just graduated and had trouble avoiding procrastinating for an assignment.  Now he is being asked to consider an event some 40 years into the future?  Seriously?  Don’t ruin his vibe.  DIVVY won’t.

DIVVY encourages saving for short term events that are important to a user, concerts, clothing, trips, do it all, we insist.  But while you do it, skim a little of the top for the future you.  They’ll thank you.  When Patrick sets up his assortment of goals, DIVVY encourages at least setting up one GOAL that focuses on the long term.

Since starting a year ago, Patrick has accumulated over $1,000 towards his retirement goal.  Now that he has reached that level, the investment goal tile has turned on.  What does this mean?  It means Patrick can now go beyond short term saving and can truly invest in his future.  By turning on his investment goal tile Patrick has the option to pursue investment strategies tailored to his needs and risk profile.  Professionally managed, the DIVVY investment program is intended to accelerate the growth of the user’s account and educate them on building investment solutions for the long term.  DIVVY doesn’t believe in fads.