Ashley is getting married, Jessica is planning her bachelorette party with her closest friends Amanda, Brittany and Sarah.  Since graduating college, each girl started her career in a separate city.  Technology allows them to stay close, but nothing beats seeing each other in person.  Jessica wants to go big, like Vegas big!  But she and her friends are struggling with the day to day expenses of living in big cities, being paid entry level salaries.  How can Jessica coordinate and plan an amazing time without being on the hook for expenses she can’t cover on her own?  The answer, DIVVY!

The party is six months out, through DIVVY Jessica sets a “GOAL” for Ashley’s bachelorette party and invites her girls.  Knowing that they are going for two nights, Jessica can account for hotel expenses, dinners out, clubs and pool parties.  Setting a goal of $2,000, each friend can now contribute and track the success of the group in being ready to blow out Ashley’s party in a memorable way.

Jessica, Amanda, Brittany and Sarah have six months to reach their goal and can quickly monitor their progress and encourage one another to keep up with what they set out to achieve.  No girl left behind!  Each girl’s progress is viewable and the group is shown progressing month to month.   Rather than being overwhelmed right before the event, the girls have set aside the funds over a period to properly do Vegas!  Another DIVVY goal accomplished!