Socially Responsible

Inundated with requests to support charities? Get behind those important to your friends and you. Success in raising money for a cause is much more successful if it is something your group believes in together.

Playoffs or Bust

Sports fanatic? Plan ahead, you know your team is making the playoffs this year and the tickets won't come cheap. Invite your buddies into Divvy, save ahead, enjoy the game!

Rainy Day

A lot going on in your life? Sure, but its never a bad idea to save for a rainy day.

Life Expenses

It's hard out there on your own, see how one recent grad used Divvy to encourage his parents to help with rent post college rather than moving back home.

Bachelorette Party

Everyone enjoys a good party except the coordinator. See how Divvy can help make a party go off without a hitch.