For those of you that didn’t connect a bank during your first session, no worries. Head to the “Settings” screen from your home screen by selecting the “Gear” icon in the top right corner. From the Settings menu, select “Linked Bank Accounts.” Tap “Link Bank Account.”

Divvy has partnered with Plaid and Dwolla to verify you are who you say you are. Security is paramount. Divvy doesn’t handle or every see your personal bank information. We only know the bank you are using. The next few screens are developed by Plaid and Dwolla to verify your bank and your customer information. Start by selecting your bank.

In this example, Bank of America is selected. Enter your Online ID and Password to get verified.

Once you have entered your bank login information you will see your accounts, select the checking or saving account you wish to link to Divvy. The Plaid verification will complete. Select “Continue.”

We know, we know, so much info, but it is for your protection! The second step is your customer information. This time we need your full name, birthday (we know you entered it already), email, etc. This validates and setups your Divvy account. Select “Submit.”

Check out “How To – Make a Deposit” to now add money and begin your journey to becoming a better saver!