Hey Divvy’ers! We have a major upgrade that requires you to update your version of Divvy to Version 1.7. This new upgrade adds the ability to send money instantly between your Divvy contacts. You’ve saved for your big goal with friends, but maybe came up a little short of what you ended up spending. No worries now! Just use Divvy Send to move money from your Unallocated Saving Jar to your Goal Manager. 

When using Divvy Send the only requirement is you have your underlying bank account connected to Divvy. How else are you going to get your money!?! So be sure go into Settings and link a bank account if you haven’t already done so.

With Divvy, you have always been able to set up short and long-term goals, now you have the added ability to make quick payments to friends and family in an instant. Thank you Divvy’ers for making socially-based saving such a success.

Please email us at hello@divvyupnow.com and let us your feedback and experiences. Don’t forget to set a recurring contribution too! Even a small $5 per week contribution adds up quickly!