One of the most powerful features of Divvy is your ability to invite your friends into goals. Many of you have experienced “step” competitions with your friends with wearable devices in the health & wellness space. Divvy creates the same healthy competition with money. Save on your own and you’re likely to find many other short term needs that seem to consistently consume your disposal income. However, if you are determined to save for something special, try inviting others in to participate with you.

Consider common goals like a vacation or a concert, if you really are determined to make the event happen get others involved. Within each goal you create, you have the ability to invite people into it. Simply tap the “+” symbol and begin sending out invitations.

It is important to understand once you tap the “+” symbol, you are asked whether Divvy can access your contacts. This is a request to bring up you contacts within Divvy. Divvy does not capture your contacts, only the people you invite are then stored within Divvy so they can access your goal. If you have thousands of contacts, Divvy doesn’t grab all of your personal contact information, only the people invited into your goals get captured and even then we only store the name and phone number. This is an important distinction compared to many apps that seek to gather as much of your personal data on your network and you as possible. Divvy only stores data related to what you want, in this case the users you invite into goals.

Data protection is important to us and we only gather what is needed to make your experience with Divvy as seamless as possible.

Unlock the power of Divvy when saving for common goals by inviting in your friends. Goals get accomplished faster when done together!

– Divvy Team