If you fail to complete a solo goal and no one is around to notice, did you really fail?

Technically, you can answer that however you wish to make yourself feel better, but you failed. The only way to challenge and keep yourself honest is to tell someone. Whether you are trying to lose weight or save money, you are going to be more committed if you let others know what you are trying to accomplish.

Divvy helps you make it easier to accomplish your goals. A primary and unique feature with Divvy is inviting friends and family into goals you have created. Whether seeking emotional support or financial support, inviting others to participate with you creates a community that will help you succeed.

To add a friend within Divvy, tap and enter the goal of your choice. Once you’ve entered your goal, you’ll see a “+” icon towards the upper left side. Tap the icon and you’ll be prompted to search for and select friends from your contacts. If they already use Divvy they will show up first, if not select them and they will be notified that you have invited them to participate with you in accomplishing something important to you.

Add a few friends and watch how much more you achieve when you tell others!