This “How To” requires you to have connected a bank account.

Once you have connected a bank, you’ve done the hard part. Now it is as simple as moving a little money into your Divvy account. The process is secure and encrypted. Money moves via ACH from your bank account into your Divvy account. The process will initially show up as a pending transaction on your “Saving Jar” screen for about 3 business days. Once cleared, your money moves into “Unallocated Savings.”

“Unallocated Savings” is where your money sits when it is in your Divvy account but not yet allocated to any goals. Once you set up a goal, you can begin allocating money into the goal by selecting it and determining how much you want to contribute.

Tap these coins (highlighted in the photo) and contribute money directly from your linked bank account.

After tapping the coins, you will be asked “How much are you transferring into Divvy?” Enter the amount you want to move from your bank account into your Divvy account. You will be prompted to confirm the transfer amount, and voilà! Money transferred.

Again, it does require a little patience for the money to transfer from one account to another, but Divvy is about building better habits, not immediate gratification. That is why we recommend you transfer in a little more than you expect to use immediately so you always have some money to allocate when your invited into a great opportunity you can’t miss. Money will already be there!