Jars are not just for spices! Divvy created the digital “Saving Jar” to allow users to have a place to store their money between goals. The concept is simple, allocate some money away from your primary bank account weekly to a “Saving Jar” that can then be put into GOALS import to you and your social circle.

To achieve this, open your Divvy app and proceed to the Saving Jar screen.

Within this screen are a number of features to be aware of. First, Unallocated Savings. This is the amount of money that has been transferred into your Divvy account and is available to be allocated towards GOALS. Next, Pending. Money has to move from your bank account into your Divvy account. This is done through an ACH transfer and will take 3-4 business days to be completed. In the middle of the screen is a One-Time Contribution button and a Weekly Recurring Contribution button. These two options allow you to decided whether you want to make a single withdrawal from your bank into your Divvy account or better yet set a weekly contribution amount to automatically withdrawal for you. We like this option because you don’t have to worry about remembering to put a little money away each week, it happens automatically.

With Weekly Recurring Contributions you will be prompted to confirm the amount you wish to allocate weekly. Once you have begun the process money will always be moving and you will not have to wait to start contributing to GOALS important to you.

We know saving is not easy in today’s world. Everything is more expensive and we all seem to need more stuff. But with Divvy we created a simple way to set up GOALS important to you and your social circle. Together you can accomplish anything. Sometimes you just need a kickstart. With Divvy we provide that boost initially but we believe your friends and family will likely be your primary drivers of encouragement on your journey to financial success!

As you begin your journey, please tag us at #wheredoyoudivvy to share with others the great places and people you collaborate with.

-Divvy Team