Emily, Kaitlyn and Zach have always put the environment first.  Since they met in college, they were always into making others aware of the precious resource that is Mother Earth.

Post-graduation, reality has hit.  Causes like globally warming, while near and dear, take a back seat to making the rent.  Each of them want to be more engaged and do something to help, but how?  DIVVY!

Through DIVVY the three of them created a socially responsible GOAL to raise $1,000 for their favorite charities helping protect the environment.

But they didn’t stop there, they raised awareness by each inviting their network to participate in this goal.  Friends they had lost touch with reconnected and once again shared the passion for helping as a group.

Communicating for a cause through DIVVY restarted friendships and started some new ones.  Emily, Kaitlyn and Zach now lead a monthly goal within DIVVY to help protect our planet.  What could be better than that?